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School Wide Model

Our program model is grounded in sound theory and best practices associated with an enriched instructional model that provides an additive trilingual environment. All students have the opportunity to learn a second and third language while continuing to develop their native language proficiency. Cooperative learning strategies will foster positive interactions among students while they learn core academic curriculum. 


     Our Elementary Educational Curriculum is based following the Texas Educational Knowledge Skills (T.E.K.S.) objectives and has been divided in three trimester teaching periods with an assessment done after each trimester. The students are exposed to traditional lessons as well as hands-on experiences, group activities and individual class lesson presentations to reinforce educational concepts.


     Our PreK2 through Kinder Curriculums have a combination of Teacher lead lessons and playbase learning concepts which provide a variety of sensory experiences that focus on all learning styles. As the Elementary curriculum; the PreK through-Kinder curriculums are also divided into three trimester teaching periods. Each trimester follows educational objectives based on: Social/Emotional, Physical Education, Language, Cognitive Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Social Science Dev, Art, Science and Technology.


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Our Model Framework

Our  Curriculum Framework

has organized educational objetives that focused on the key knowledge for each grade level and is well centered on the development of specific key skills.

Advanced Academic Core Courses

Our language programs are innovative, captivating, and effective language education for children available anywhere. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of language with the fundamentals of an excellent early education.


Spanish is the language students are exposed the most throughout the day.  In the early grades, language arts, reading, and math are taught in Spanish every day. Language input is interesting, relevant, and challenging enough to promote high levels of language proficiency and critical thinking.


Students are exposed to English every day. Starting in pk-k Science is taught in English. In 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, language arts is added to the English part of the day.  Language input is interesting, relevant, and challenging enough to promote high levels of language proficiency and critical thinking.



 Starting in Pk-3 the language is taught in an immersion seating focusing on oral language development, vocabulary, and culture. In 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, reading and writing are added to Chinese hour of the day to expose students to academic vocabulary across subject areas. Shelter strategies, visual aids and modeling promote comprehension in every day lessons. 

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