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About Us

At Tohuí Language Academy we provide an immersion program in three languages through Academics; Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese. 

Mission & Vision

At Tohuí School Language Immersion we provide an immersion program in three languages through Academics; Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese. International Certify Teachers and small size classes that lead to world class education.

Tohuí School is a Texas Institution that takes it's goal of language centered learning very seriously. Tohuí works with educators, universities and local leaders to provide your child with the absolute best education.

Advanced Academic Core Courses

Our language programs are innovative, captivating, and effective language education for children available anywhere. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of language with the fundamentals of an excellent early education.


Gifted & Talented Program

At Tohuí School we strive to meet every student at their individual level providing students with support and resources to achieve their goals. Establishing motivation and love for learning, there are no limits to what our students can accomplish.  

Small Class Size

Our small class size philosophy allows teachers to differentiate and provide individualized support to our students. At Tohuí School each class has 10 students providing a true small teacher to student ratio. 

The Most Valuable Asset

At Tohuí School Language Immersion our students are our most valuable asset. We understand that in entrusting your child's education with us, you have given us a great gift. That is why we work hard to create a student centered learning environment where your child can thrive.

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"Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, and savor their songs."


Emotional Intelligence Classes 

 Emotional Intelligence classes consist for our students to learn the ability to understand, manage and express their emotions with a positive focus, this involves being aware in how our own behaviors impacts others with positive or negative outcomes.

Academic Advisors

Norma Bernal 
Academic Director


Bilingual Specialist/ Education Trainer

B.A.Mexican- American Studies/ Minor in Child & Family

B.A Montessori- Prek thru 5th grade

Creator : Education Curriculum for Dual Language Learner Students

27 years experience in the Field of the Early Childhood Education

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services / Childcare licensing division - Norma Bernal complies with the director qualifications stated in TAC746.1015(a)(2) minimum standard rules for licensing childcare center.

Alexa Bear
Assistant Principal

MBA in Sports Management

Masters in Executive Coaching , Sports, Psychology, and High Performance 

Bachelors in All-Level Physical Education

Creator of "How Does Physical Education Impact Learning in Children"

Curriculum Creator and Instructor

Certified Teacher 

5 years of PreK-12th Grade educational experience in roles such as Athletic Director, Head of Physical Education, Electives AP Professor, and Bilingual Classroom 

Teacher training in Mexico, China, and the United States 

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