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HighScope’s educational approach emphasizes “active participatory learning.” This approach recognizes that education is most effective when children are interested, engaged, supported, and encouraged



Our Comprehensive Curriculum

· Aligned with Texas Education Standards: Our curriculum is divided into three trimester teaching periods and adheres to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objectives, ensuring a well-rounded education.

· Hands-on Learning: We foster active learning through interactive activities, group projects, and individual presentations, reinforcing key concepts.

· Play-based Learning for Pre-K and Kindergarten: Our early childhood curriculum combines teacher-led instruction with play-based activities, engaging all learning styles.

· Multilingual Immersion: Students are immersed in a second and third language, providing exposure to diverse cultures and enhancing communication skills.


Nurturing Speech Development

· Rich Language Environment: Our curriculum is rich in language and vocabulary, encouraging students to express themselves effectively.

· Dedicated Expression Time: Students are given ample time to verbalize their ideas and make decisions at their own pace, along with teacher guidance, fostering confidence and communication skills.

· Model Language Activities: Interactive activities like storytelling, group discussions, and reading with open-ended questions promote language development.


Inclusive and Supportive Environment

· All-Inclusive Policy: We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported.

· Culturally Diverse Community: We cultivate awareness and respect for diverse cultures, preparing students for success in a globalized world.

· Non-discriminatory Commitment: Tohui School  is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or abilities.


Potty Training Support

· Structured Potty-training Program: We offer a month-long potty-training program for new Pre-K-2 students, ensuring a smooth transition.

· Regular Toilet Breaks and Class Visits: Students are encouraged to use the restroom at regular intervals and participate in group toileting times.

· Parental Involvement and Open Communication: We encourage parents to work together with us to achieve successful potty training at home.

Advanced Academic Core Courses

Our language programs are innovative, captivating, and effective language education for children available anywhere. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of language with the fundamentals of an excellent early education.

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At the same time, each student will develope confidence from knowing, valuing, and understanding different cultures and languages.


Our Teachers holds Bachelor's degree in education and are native speaker in their respective educational field.

Our teachers' happiness is extremely important to us. Happy teachers = happy children. Our teachers are provided with the support needed to perform to their highest abilities.


The intention is to produce students who are internationally and academically competent to gain successful admission to the best international universities. 

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